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An Interview with Lynn Visson, Retired United Nations Interpreter

September/October 2016 Issue

Every interpreter has surely had excruciating nightmares about a panicky moment at the microphone, and my guest today is no different. (In one instance, she recalls waking up clutching her pillow, relieved to find that her ghastly moment was just a dream.) She has written about her experiences as a United Nations interpreter. Lynn Visson […]

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An Interview with Dirk Goepfert, Localization Engineering Manager

July/August 2016 Issue

Readers of recent columns will have noticed that OWOW has been visiting different planets in our linguistic universe, boldly going where not many translators have gone before. The space travel metaphor is, in my opinion, apt here, since we are going to be talking about localization, which involves adapting ideas, products, and services to languages […]

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An Interview with Barbara Inge Karsch, Terminologist & ATA’s Terminology Committee Chair

May/June 2016 Issue

Men ever had, and ever will have leave, To coin new words well suited to the age, Words are like leaves, some wither every year, And every year a younger race succeeds. —Horace, poet and satirist (65-8 BC) These ancient words tell a story that is still true today. Translators delve to some extent into […]

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An Interview with Miguel Jiménez-Crespo

March/April 2016 Issue

Welcome to the second installment of Our World of Words. I caught up with my guest for this episode of OWOW while he was on sabbatical at the University of New South Wales in Australia. Professor Miguel Jiménez-Crespo, who is originally from Spain, is the director of the Translation and Interpreting Program in the Department […]

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Interview with Cressida Stolp

January/February 2016 Issue

Welcome to the first installment of Our World of Words (OWOW), a new column in The ATA Chronicle that will take a look at the language services industry through a series of interviews. We translators and interpreters sometimes think we’re a world unto ourselves, but of course we are part of a much larger universe […]

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