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Letters to the Editor

January/February 2018 Issue

Language of Sustainable Development | Natalie Pavey I was so pleased to read that Natalie Pavey had adapted her ATA57 presentation on sustainable development into an article in the November/December issue (“You’re Not Fluent Yet! Speaking the Language of Sustainable Development”). Our planet is at a crossroads. Continuing down our current path will likely not […]

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November/December 2017 Issue

Letter to the Editor Translation: An Intellectual Pursuit | Jesse Tomlinson Jesse Tomlinson’s article, “Translation: An Intellectual Pursuit” (September-October), is succinct, thorough, and hits to the core. It sets the bar for the profession. I’ve observed that a step often omitted in the process of translation is the translator first reading the source text in […]

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September/October 2017 Issue

Letters to the Editor Melissa González’s Letter in Response to Barry Slaughter Olsen’s Article on Remote Interpreting I read Melissa González’s comments in the July-August issue in response to Barry Olsen’s article (“Remote Interpreting: Feeling Our Way into the Future,” May-June issue) and literally felt like my personal job experience was on stage. The hospital […]

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July/August 2017 Issue

Letter to the Editor Remote Interpreting: Feeling Our Way into the Future | Barry Slaughter Olsen It was very interesting to read Barry Slaughter Olsen’s article in the May-June issue. I’ve just experienced the full impact of this change in my work as a medical interpreter. I hope my story can help explain why the change […]

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May/June 2017 Issue

Letters to the Editor Transitioning from Student to Translator | Meghan Mccallum and Sarah Puchner A great article with useful advice and a very helpful list of resources in the footnotes. Thank you, Sarah and Meghan! —Victoria B From the article “Transitioning from Student to Translator” (March-April): “It can be very exciting once jobs start pouring […]

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March/April 2017 Issue

Letters to the Editor Spider Marketing: How to Get Clients to Come to You | Simon Berrill I enjoyed the article, and I think I’m a successful spider! I’ve been in business for 26 years providing English/Spanish translation and interpreting services. The majority of these reliable clients have come from referrals, as stated in the […]

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January/February 2017 Issue

Letters to the Editor Online Training Resources for Translators As always, I devoured my print edition of The ATA Chronicle! The Resource Review was particularly interesting, as I’m a strong believer in continuing professional development. In addition to the online training options listed, there is another resource worth mentioning: I’ve participated in a number […]

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November/December 2016 Issue

Translation in Transition—Christelle Maignan Thanks for sharing this very interesting article, Christelle. Yes, embracing change is definitely in our interest if we want to thrive in our jobs! It’s so sad to see so many of us spending so much time and energy complaining about the situation in our profession, but not go any further. […]

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September/October 2016 Issue

An Hourly Fee for Translation? (John Milan, May–June issue) Even when giving an estimate for an entire project, I’ve usually found it necessary to use a word rate or an hourly rate rather than stating a flat fee for the project as a whole. This is because the client’s initial estimate of the number of […]

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