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Turning the Page into 2019

November/December 2018 Issue

As 2018 draws to a close, it’s time to take stock of what we’ve achieved—both within ATA and within our own jobs and businesses—and look ahead to the new year. ATA has so much to celebrate this year, including: Adding two new language combinations (Chinese>English and English>Arabic) to our Certification Program. We’re also excited that […]

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Elections, Position Papers, and More: ATA Counts on Your Voice

September/October 2018 Issue

As I write this in mid-August, ATA’s 2017–2018 Board has met for the last time (in beautiful Portland, Oregon!), and we’re speeding toward ATA’s 59th Annual Conference in New Orleans at the end of October, where we’ll elect new directors to ATA’s Board. Six candidates—Eve Bodeux, Melinda Gonzalez-Hibner, Diego Mansilla, Meghan McCallum, Tianlu Redmon, and […]

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Looking Ahead to ATA59

July/August 2018 Issue

By the time you read this, registration will be open for ATA’s 59th Annual Conference, to be held October 24–27 in New Orleans—definitely one of the best conference destinations in the United States! In January of this year, President-Elect and Conference Organizer Ted Wozniak, Professional Development Manager Adrian Aleckna, Executive Director Walter “Mooch” Bacak, and […]

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Continuity and Renewal within ATA

May/June 2018 Issue

ATA has many strengths—including every one of our 10,500 members—and one of our greatest is certainly our mix of continuity and renewal. To keep an association like ours going from 1959 to 2018 and beyond requires both steadiness and adaptability—a willingness to embrace the new and the old, especially when we think of the changes […]

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Membership Has Its Benefits: Are You Making the Most of Them?

March/April 2018 Issue

If you’re receiving this issue of The ATA Chronicle, it means that you’ve renewed your ATA membership for 2018. Thank you! ATA would not be “the voice of interpreters and translators” without every one of our 10,500+ members. Since my term as ATA president began, I’ve been trying to spread the word about the many […]

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January/February 2018 Issue

I often tell people that my main problem in life is wanting to do everything. During my term as ATA president, it will surely be impossible to do everything I’d would like to do, so I’ve set some priorities—the most important projects that I’d like us to accomplish between now and 2019. I’d like to […]

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Reflecting on a Journey of Discovery

November/December 2017 Issue

From the President David Rumsey Twitter handle: @davidcrumsey Living on an island in the Pacific Northwest, the nautical theme to these columns comes naturally. And this last one, which I’m writing on a ferry, is no different. When I reflect on my presidency at the helm, I think that it’s safe to say that ATA, the […]

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Demand for Translation and Interpreting Stronger than Ever

September/October 2017 Issue

From the President David Rumsey Twitter handle: @davidcrumsey One of the great things about serving as ATA President is the ability to meet, listen to, and learn from translators and interpreters from around the U.S. and abroad. Most recently, I traveled to Brazil—home to the second-largest number of ATA members outside the U.S.—to attend and present […]

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Working to Enhance the Value of ATA

July/August 2017 Issue

From the President David Rumsey Twitter handle: @davidcrumsey They say there are two seasons in the Pacific Northwest: the raining season and the staining season. For roughly six to seven months of the year there’s a steady supply of the former. Yet, there are a few precious months in the spring and summer when the rain […]

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