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Skeptical Hippos and a Paradigm Shift

July/August 2017 Issue

A few months ago I had the chance to speak at the wonderfully organized BP17 Translation Conference in Budapest, Hungary. (According to the conference website, BP stands for business practices.) Having been asked to give one of the main TED-style talks, I settled on just a few image-based slides to discuss how to convince clients […]

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Is Twitter Stupid?

March/April 2017 Issue

Without even getting into politics, there are many controversial things in the world today, and Twitter is one of them (albeit one that’s relatively innocuous). I was an early adapter of Twitter in 2008, although I did join the then-new social media platform kicking and screaming. Some of the concerns I had back then are […]

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On Court Interpreting and Language Discrimination

November/December 2016 Issue

For my final column of the year, I’ve decided to tackle a perhaps controversial topic that I’ve been discussing with friends and colleagues in the court interpreting world: language discrimination. Does it exist? How should you handle it? Bear in mind that the following is, of course, only my opinion, but I hope it provides […]

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On-Site Translation Work

July/August 2016 Issue

A few months ago, I was asked to be part of an extensive on-site translation and review project. The catch was that the job was not located in my adopted hometown of Las Vegas, but across the country. I’ve worked as an in-house translator, but had not done an on-site project as a small business […]

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On Passing the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination

March/April 2016 Issue

In February 2014, I wrote about a subject that I had hoped I would not have to address: the experience of not passing the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination (FCICE) for Spanish. Well, after retaking the exam last year, I’m happy to report that I passed. I was very open about writing about my failed […]

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Mistake of the Year

November/December 2015 Issue

Because few things are as fun as poking fun at myself, I wanted to share my most horrifying interpreting error of the year, which actually had nothing to do with interpreting, and everything to do with protocol. Just like all translators and interpreters do, I make mistakes, but I do try to go to great […]

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Should We Charge for Translation Services by the Hour?

September/October 2015 Issue

For this month’s column, I want to touch on something that I’ve been thinking about a lot: the way we charge for our services.

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The Entrepreneurial Linguist (Judy Jenner)

July/August 2015 Issue

Small talk can be painful, but you can make it easier on yourself by keeping a few things in mind.

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The Entrepreneurial Linguist (Judy Jenner)

June 2015 Issue

While I think venting about issues in moderation is important and healthy, in my humble opinion, there is only one catch with that strategy: the only behavior you can control is your own.

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