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Certification Activities at ATA59

January/February 2019 Issue

ATA’s Annual Conference is always a time for translators to reconnect, regroup, and refocus. This is especially true for those involved in ATA’s Certification Program—exam graders and members of the Certification Committee alike. Here is a rundown of certification activities at ATA59 in New Orleans. Grader Training: On Wednesday afternoon before the Welcome Celebration, 55 […]

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Ergonomics for ATA’s Certification Exam: Unspoken Advice with Untold Benefits

November/December 2018 Issue

Shortly after I took the computerized version of ATA’s certification exam in 2017, I received an e-mail from one of the proctors—whom I had thanked for stepping up to proctor at the last minute—in which she commented on the contrast between my “ergonomic” setup and the hunched posture of my fellow test takers. It would […]

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Establishing the English>Arabic Certification Exam

September/October 2018 Issue

I’m sure many people wonder what the procedure is for establishing new language pairs for testing within ATA’s Certification Program. As far back as five years ago, when I took the Arabic>English certification exam, I wondered why English>Arabic was not offered and what it would take to make it happen. Now, five years later, having […]

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Highlights from the Annual Language Chairs Meeting

July/August 2018 Issue

April is always a busy time for ATA’s Certification Program. This is when the Certification Committee holds its meeting to coincide with the Annual Language Chairs meeting. (Each exam language combination has a language chair administering passage selection and grading. ATA currently offers testing in 30 language combinations.) This year, the Certification Committee and more […]

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The Care and Feeding of Graders

May/June 2018 Issue

You can find a lot of information about ATA’s Certification Program on the website and in past articles of The ATA Chronicle, but not much about the people who make it work. In this month’s column we’ll take a look at the human side of certification grading. Who manages ATA’s Certification Program? Caron Mason manages […]

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Why Isn’t ATA Certification Offered in My Language?

March/April 2018 Issue

ATA currently offers certification in 30 language pairs, but there’s always room for more as long as certain criteria are met. As a member-driven organization, ATA provides support for establishing certification in new language pairs, but the work required to reach this milestone must be done by members who work in those very languages. What […]

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Who Wants to Fail ATA’s Certification Exam?

November/December 2017 Issue

Self-help books and websites have recently been featuring “not-to-do” lists as a way of improving work habits, enhancing productivity, and generally boosting quality of life. ATA’s certification team can’t claim to offer anything so grand, but we can enumerate several (unfortunately) tried-and-true actions that have stood in the way of candidates passing ATA’s certification exam. […]

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Peer Reviewed: Collaborative Preparation for the Certification Exam

September/October 2017 Issue

Currently, the main option available to help candidates prepare for ATA’s certification exam is the practice test. An obvious advantage of taking the practice test is that it’s representative of the actual exam: the passages used for the practice test are retired exam passages. However, unlike the actual exam, which is pass or fail only, […]

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What’s Cooking in ATA’s Certification Program

July/August 2017 Issue

ATA’s Certification Committee and language chairs met for their annual meeting on April 22–23, 2017, in Alexandria, Virginia. (Each exam language combination has a language chair administering the passage selection and graders. ATA currently offers testing in 28 language combinations.) The meeting took place in conjunction with ATA’s Board of Directors meeting. Here are some […]

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