Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation

Date of filing: September 27, 2019
Title of Publication: The ATA Chronicle
Frequency of Issues: Bimonthly
No. of Issues Published Annually: 6 issues
Annual Subscription Price: $65
Location and Office of Publication:
American Translators Association, 225 Reinekers Lane
Suite 590, Alexandria, VA 22314
Complete Mailing Address of Headquarters:
Same as above
Names and Address of Editor and Publisher:
Editor—Jeff Sanfacon, address same as above
Publisher—Walter Bacak, address same as above
Known bondholders, mortgages, and other security holders owning 1 percent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities: N/A
Issue Date for Circulation Data Below: September 19, 2019
Publication Name: The ATA Chronicle
15. Extent and Nature of Circulation (Average No. of Copies Each Issue During Preceding 12 Months followed by No. of Copies of Single Issue Published Nearest to Filing Date). 15a. Total No. of Copies (Net press run) 6,067, 6,100. 15b. Paid Circulation (By Mail and Outside the Mail). 15b1. Mailed Outside-County Paid Subscriptions Stated on PS Form 3541 (Include paid distribution above nominal rate, advertiser’s proof copies, and exchange copies): 5,422, 5,423. 15b2. Mailed In-County Paid Subscriptions Stated on PS Form 3541 (Include paid distribution above nominal rate, advertiser’s proof, and exchange copies): 0, 0. 15b3. Paid Distribution Outside the Mail Including Sales Through Dealers and Carriers, Street Vendors, Counter Sales, and Other Paid Distribution Outside USPS®: 303, 278. 15b4. Paid Distribution by Other Classes of Mail Through the USPS (e.g., First-Class Mail®): 0, 0. 15c. Total Paid Distribution [Sum of 15b (1), (2), (3), and (4)]: 5,725, 5,701. 15d. Free or Nominal Rate Distribution (By Mail and Outside the Mail). 15d1. Free or Nominal Rate Outside-County Copies Included on PS Form 3541: 0, 0. 15d2. Free or Nominal Rate In-County Copies Included on PS Form 3541: 0, 0. 15d3. Free or Nominal Rate Copies Mailed at Other Classes Through the USPS (e.g., First-Class Mail): 37, 26. 15d4. Free or Nominal Rate Distribution Outside the Mail (Carriers or Other Means): 144, 200. 15e. Total Free or Nominal Rate Distribution [Sum of 15d (1), (2), (3), and (4)]: 181, 226. 15f. Total Distribution (Sum of 15c and 15e): 5,906, 5,927. 15g. Copies Not Distributed: 161, 173. 15h. Total (Sum of 15f and g): 6,067, 6,100. 15i. Percent Paid (15c divided by 15f times 100): 96.9%, 96.2%. 16a. Paid Electronic Copies: 3,641, 3,777. 16b. Total Paid Print Copies (Line 15c) + Paid Electronic Copies (Line 16a): 9,366, 9,478. 16c. Total Print Distribution (Line 15f) + Paid Electronic Copies (Line 16a): 9,547, 9,704. 16d. Percent Paid (Both Print & Electronic Copies) (16b divided by 16c x 100): 98.1%, 97.7%. I certify that 50% of all my distributed copies (electronic and print) are paid above a nominal price. I certify that all information furnished on this form is true and complete. (Signed) Walter Bacak, Publisher and Executive Director

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