Proposed Changes to the Bylaws to be Presented to the Membership for Voting in November 2015

The Board approved putting forward a proposed bylaws revision for approval by the membership. In the copy below, material proposed to be deleted is struck through; material proposed to be added is underlined. ATA’s bylaws may be altered, amended, or repealed by a two-thirds vote of the voting members.


Other Committees

. . .
Section 1–Standing and Other Committees, Purpose
c. “The Active Membership Review Committee shall examine and process, through peer evaluations, applications for Active and Corresponding membership, as set forth in Article III of these Bylaws and in accordance with policies and procedures adopted by the Board. Committee recommendations to reject Active membership applications shall be forwarded to the Board of Directors for approval with notification of such determinations made by Association Headquarters, in accordance with policies and procedures adopted by the Board. The Membership Committee shall also actively recommend and pursue policies to recruit and retain members.”


Becoming an active member is currently a process of self-reporting with random audits. The workload of the Active Membership Review Committee has been significantly decreased. This bylaw amendment reflects current practice.

Adding member recruitment and retention efforts to the committee charge will be of great benefit to the Association. The amendment to the name of the committee reflects a broader charge to the committee.

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