New Certified Members


The following members have successfully passed ATA’s certification exam:

English into Chinese
Xiongwei Shen
Fullerton, CA

Bing Qi
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

English into Spanish
Marco Díaz
San Diego, CA

Arabic into English
Lucinda Wills
Pasadena, CA

Chinese into English
Fang Gann
Sioux City, IA

Steven W. Langsford
Ann Arbor, MI

Ben Murphy
Washington, DC

David Wise
Riverside, CA

French into English
Sonja Swenson-Khalchenia
Washington, DC

Spanish into English
Arielle Weisman Depaz
Fairfax, VA

Teresa Kennedy
Long Beach, CA

Mariel Rowe-Heupler
Monterey, CA

Catharine Lailson
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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