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Language of Sustainable Development | Natalie Pavey

I was so pleased to read that Natalie Pavey had adapted her ATA57 presentation on sustainable development into an article in the November/December issue (“You’re Not Fluent Yet! Speaking the Language of Sustainable Development”).

Our planet is at a crossroads. Continuing down our current path will likely not end well. While many in the U.S. deny that climate change is real, the world has agreed that humans are responsible for an alarming rise in global temperatures that is causing a host of issues for people around the globe. These issues disproportionately affect those in poverty (i.e., the people who most need assistance through the sustainable development initiatives Natalie describes).

As the article points out, sustainable development initiatives are accelerating around the world. We, as translators, can be part of the solution by doing what we do best: facilitating communication. Natalie’s list of resources is comprehensive and helpful, and I look forward to exploring it more.

Finally, this article is full of pearls of translation wisdom: use plain language, focus on good writing, trust your intuition, integrate your passions into your work, and use your skills as a force for good and change. We could all stand to be reminded of these a bit more often.
Ben Karl | Reno, Nevada

“How Long Will It Take You to Type This in English?” | Ros Schwartz

I love this! Translation is no different than writing from this point of view. Every book, in my experience as a writer and translator, dictates its own timing and intensity. Unfortunately, when I work in more corporate settings, such as advertising and subtitles, the schedule is set by the boss at the expense of quality.
Orlando Ferrand | Bronx, New York

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