The following people have successfully passed ATA’s certification exam:

English into German
Rainer W. Dykowski
Zurich, Switzerland

English into Portuguese
Ana Gauz
Cherry Hill, NJ

Cristina Gonzales
São Paulo, Brazil

Thais H. Passos Fonseca
Madison, WI

Sandra C. Possas
Petrópolis, Brazil

Arabic into English
Timothy D. Friese
Chicago, IL

French into English
Sarah Llewellyn
San Francisco, CA

K-Rae Nelson
Solana Beach, CA

German into English
Capri Beene
Akron, OH

David M. Wise
Corona, CA

Portuguese into English
Timothy D. Friese
Chicago, IL

Spanish into English
Jose O. Fuentes
San Salvador, El Salvador

Kathryn Jacoby
Bogota, Colombia

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