2017 Honors and Awards Now Open!

ATA and the American Foundation for Translation and Interpretation (AFTI) present annual and biennial awards to encourage, reward, and publicize outstanding work done by both seasoned professionals and students. Awards and scholarships for 2017 include:

  • The Alexander Gode Medal, ATA’s most prestigious award, is presented to an individual or institution for outstanding service to the translating and interpreting professions. This award may be given annually. Nominations are solicited from past recipients of the Gode Medal and the membership at large.
  • The Alicia Gordon Award for Word Artistry in Translation is given for a translation (from French or Spanish into English, or from English into French or Spanish) in any subject that demonstrates the highest level of creativity in solving a particularly knotty translation problem. Open to ATA members in good standing.
  • The S. Edmund Berger Prize is offered to recognize excellence in scientific and technical translation by an ATA member. The award is given annually.
  • The Harvie Jordan Scholarship is awarded to an ATA Spanish Language Division member in good standing to promote, encourage, and support leadership and professional development within the division. The scholarship is given annually.
  • The Marian S. Greenfield Financial Translation Presentation Award is offered to
    recognize an outstanding presenter of a financial translation session during ATA’s
    Annual Conference.
  • The Student Translation Award is presented to any graduate or undergraduate student,
    or group of students, for a literary or sci-tech translation or translation-related project.
    The award is given annually.
  • The Ungar German Translation Award is awarded for a distinguished literary translation from German into English published in the United States. The award is bestowed biennially in odd-numbered years.

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Upcoming ATA Webinars for 2017

April 4, 2017

Translation Contracts: Beyond the Basics
Time: 12:00 noon U.S. Eastern Standard Time
Registration: ATA Member: $45; Non-Member $60
This webinar will discuss non-disclosure agreements (when and under what circumstances to sign); the benefits of having your own terms of service; and how to use ATA’s model agreement and a contract checklist to draft your own terms of service. We will also examine some of the most common “problem clauses” in translation contracts and learn how to interpret them.

May 4, 2017

Transcreation: Translation with a Twist
Time: 12:00 noon U.S. Eastern Standard Time
Registration: ATA Member: $45; Non-Member $60
This webinar provides some background on how transcreation works, which skills are required, and how you go about transcreating copy. Some English into Dutch examples will be provided, but understanding Dutch is not required.

May 25, 2017

Why Can’t I Raise My Rates?
Time: 12:00 noon Daylight Saving Time
Registration: ATA Member: $45; Non-Member $60
This webinar will provide an introduction to the economics of language services. Freelance translators and interpreters have some level of control over what they charge, but the market is the ultimate arbiter of pricing. We’ll explore why this is so and what freelancers can (and can’t) do to influence it. Along the way, we’ll discuss concepts such as value, scarcity, marginal utility, supply, demand, price determination, competitive markets, commodities, and differentiation as they pertain to the language services market.

Online and On Demand!

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New ATA Professional Liability Insurance Broker

Alliant is the new broker for ATA-sponsored professional liability insurance. The underwriter is still Lloyds of London. All policies remain in effect and unchanged.

Why choose the ATA-sponsored professional liability insurance?

The policy is specific to the translation and interpreting professions. This is not a one-size-fits-all plan, but a plan that is specific to the work you do.

What does the ATA-sponsored professional liability insurance cover?
  • Broad definition of translation/interpreting services: Covers activities relevant to a translator or interpreter, including editing, publishing, and proofreading.
  • Coverage for contingent bodily injury and/or property damages: Covers errors in providing translation/interpreting services that result in bodily injury and/or property damage. These types of claims are typically excluded by generic professional liability policies.
  • Coverage for cyber liability, including HIPPA and HITECH breaches: Covers breaches related to the provision of professional services in violation or breach of the HIPPA and HITECH Acts.

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