Letters to the Editor

Transitioning from Student to Translator | Meghan Mccallum and Sarah Puchner

A great article with useful advice and a very helpful list of resources in the footnotes.
Thank you, Sarah and Meghan!

—Victoria B

From the article “Transitioning from Student to Translator” (March-April): “It can be very exciting once jobs start pouring in…”

This is hardly typical for the vast majority of translators entering the market these days. It is deceptive to write as if it were and harmful to those considering a translation career. Most students are finishing their studies deeply in debt and with little prospect of paying it off in a timely fashion through the few number of jobs they manage to get.

—Claudia P

ATA Statement Regarding President Trump’s Executive Order On Immigration | Chronicle-Online Extra

We need to be watchful in defending the interests of our colleagues from Iraq and other targeted countries. We can achieve so much more as an organization than each of us can individually (although please note some members of our Gainesville, Florida, translator/interpreter group met recently to send postcards to
our representatives).

—Kate Walker, Gainesville, FL

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