Letters to the Editor

Beyond Post-Editing: Advances in Interactive Translation Environments

Interesting article! I would just like to make a clarification. CasmaCat has been using MateCat code to build their interactive platform, not the other way around as is suggested by the article. MateCat is the original open source product, which has been used by many companies and groups, including CasmaCat, to build new products on.

The two projects—MateCat and CasmaCat—parted ways after the end of the European funding. While CasmaCat focused on researching and implementing interactive editing functionalities, MateCat grew into a commercial translation platform, enriched with features for professional translators, but still being free and open source.

—Alessandro Cattelan, Rome, Italy

Interpreters Forum: Zen and the Art of Interpreting (When You Really Wish You Could Say What You’re Thinking!)

I just loved this article and can totally relate to it, although I don’t do legal interpreting. My areas of specialization are business, education, leadership, and the sciences. Interpreting for business meetings, negotiations, audits, coaching sessions, etc., are very challenging and thrill me. You do learn, like the author said, self-control and how to transmit the message professionally without bias, as well as to convey deep respect when interpreting particularly sensitive material. There is such a fine line to navigate in these situations, and I’d love to hear more stories about other people’s experiences.

—Linda Canetti, Curitiba, Brazil

Marilyn Gaddis Rose (1930–2015)

Professor Rose was a pioneer and a leader in the field of translation studies. Many of us teaching translation, including my colleagues and I in the new translation program at New York University in the 1980s, looked up to Professor Rose, who already at that time was considered a seasoned professional in the field. Her scholarly writings on translation contributed significantly to advancing our understanding of the theory and practice of translation as we know it today.

—Jonathan Slater, Plattsburgh, New York

Kudos for the New Chronicle

The new Chronicle arrived a few days ago, and there’s a lot to like! It seems fresh and lively. I read it from cover to cover and have dipped back in a couple of times since then. I recognize that it’s a challenge to do this over and over. Congratulations, and keep up the good work.

—Celia Bohannon, Saxtons River, VT

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