From the Executive Director: Invest in Yourself: Renew Your Membership

From the Executive Director
Walter Bacak, CAE

Don’t miss out on the value of ATA membership, including the online Language Services Directory to market your services, the full gamut of professional development opportunities, and much more. In all my years of sharing the benefits of ATA membership, the following have remained constant year after year:

  • One job from ATA’s Language Services Directory, from a connection made at the Annual Conference, or from a division list job posting more than pays for your membership.
  • The online Language Services Directory markets your services 24/7/365, including expanded options for interpreter services. (Be sure to keep your profile up to date and fresh.1)
  • One new shortcut, website, or tool you learn about through our professional development offerings can increase your efficiency, putting more money in your pocket. Plus, there are real savings on member discounts for tools.
  • ATA membership also saves you money on continuing education and training. ATA members get discounted rates on our professional development events. Last year, ATA offered over 50 webinars. In addition, ATA members have access to free monthly webinars. (See Newsbriefs for the upcoming webinars and the link to the free monthly webinar.) We added Back to Business Basics webinars, focusing on various aspects of translation and interpreting. We also added a new series to The ATA Podcast, Inside Specialization, where experienced translators and interpreters provide insights about their niche, how they got started, and what it takes to succeed.
  • ATA offers valuable networking opportunities—from the Annual Conference, the premier event in the T&I professions, to the new Business Practices Education Committee’s online Brainstorm Networking events to division communities (discussion lists, happy hours, and meet-ups).
  • ATA offers relevant and timely information that you can readily access as an ATA member—from sessions at the Annual Conference to articles in The ATA Chronicle to Newsbriefs to division newsletters and blogs.
  • By supporting ATA, you are supporting yourself and the T&I professions. ATA’s advocacy and public relations efforts create greater awareness of the value of your skills with campaigns to promote the recognition of professional translators and interpreters. Last year, ATA called for appropriate compensation for interpreters in Pennsylvania courts, fair working conditions for translators in the entertainment industry, and exemptions from restrictive labor laws for freelancers to support your bottom line.
  • Your affiliation with ATA reflects your professionalism. Promote your membership by downloading and displaying the ATA logo on your website and in your marketing materials.
  • Finally, if you are a professional translator or interpreter, ATA is the place for you. Belonging to a community of colleagues who are facing the same challenges as you has never been more important. ATA members are there for each other. Don’t go it alone!

The value of ATA membership has never been stronger. Whether taking advantage of our growing number of professional development opportunities or increasing your market reach through a listing in our online Language Services Directory, ATA membership helps you become better at what you do. That’s why renewing your membership is a smart business decision and an investment in yourself. Thank you for your support in 2021, and we look forward to serving you in 2022!

The Loss of ATA’s Certification Committee Chair: Michèle Hansen

As President Sánchez Zampaulo mentioned in her column, we are mourning the loss of Michèle Hansen, ATA’s Certification Committee chair, who died after a short battle with cancer. Some of you saw her at the conference in Minneapolis. She was upbeat and unflappable as always. Michèle was respected by all and will definitely be missed. Read more about Michèle’s many contributions to ATA and to the T&I professions in this issue.

  1. Bodeux, Eve. “Getting the Most from Your ATA Language Services Directory Profile,” The ATA Chronicle (November–December 2021), 12,
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