From the Executive Director: Board Meeting Highlights

Standing from left: Directors Evelyn Yang Garland, Tony Guerra, Geoff Koby, Melinda Gonzalez-Hibner, Eve Lindemuth Bodeux, Cristina Helmerichs, Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo, Elena Langdon, and Meghan (McCallum) Konkol.
Seated from left: Treasurer John Milan, President-Elect Ted Wozniak, President Corinne McKay, and Secretary Karen Tkaczyk.

From the Executive Director
Walter Bacak, CAE

The American Translators Association’s Board of Directors met August 3–4, 2019, in Denver, Colorado. Here are some highlights from the Board meeting.

Final Budget: The Board approved the July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020 final budget and the 2020–2022 draft budgets. The approved budget is $3.2 million. This compares to last year’s budget of $3.24 million. The difference is due in part to a projected smaller Annual Conference in Palm Springs than last year’s conference in New Orleans.

Proposed Bylaws Amendment: The Board approved presenting a proposed Bylaws amendment to the membership for their approval. The proposed revision is to change the number of terms the secretary and treasurer can run from two, two-year terms to three, two-year terms. In short, it takes two years for the treasurer to become comfortable with the office’s responsibilities. This proposed Bylaws amendment will be on this year’s ballot. The elections will be held October 24 at the Annual Meeting of Voting Members—also known as the Presentation of Candidates and Election—in conjunction with the Annual Conference. (Please see page 7 for more information on the proposed Bylaws revision and the candidate statements.)

Proposed Articles of Incorporation Amendments: The Board approved presenting proposed amendments to the Articles of Incorporation to recognize interpreters and to allow ATA to receive donations. (Please see page 13 for more information.)

Date of Record: The Board set September 23, 2019, as the date of record for the 2019 elections. This means that if you wanted to participate in this year’s elections, you needed to be a Voting member by September 23.

ATA Board Elections Policy: The Board approved revisions to ATA’s Board Elections Policy. Specifically, the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee (NLDC) shall put forward at least two candidates for all officer and director positions, although in exceptional cases the NLDC can put forward one candidate.

Continuing Education Requirements: The Board approved the Certification Committee’s recommended changes to the continuing education requirements, including requiring continuing education for translators over 60 years of age. Currently, once translators turn 60, they no longer need to submit Continuing Education Points. The reality is that many translators work well into their 70s and beyond, so continuing education remains relevant. Current members born before 1960 will be grandfathered in. The Board also approved minor changes to the requirements themselves.

The Board meeting summary and minutes will be posted online once they are approved. Past meeting summaries and minutes are always posted online at

The next Board meeting is set for October 26–27, 2019, in conjunction with ATA’s Annual Conference in Palm Springs, California. As always, the meeting is open to all members, and members are encouraged to attend.

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