Call for Nominations: ATA Officers and Directors

The 2023 Nominating and Leadership Development Committee is pleased to announce the call for nominations from ATA’s membership to fill the positions of president-elect, secretary, and treasurer (each a two-year term), as well as three directors’ positions (each a three-year term). Elections will be held at the Annual Meeting of Voting Members during ATA’s 64th Annual Conference in Miami, October 25–28, 2023!

Under ATA’s Bylaws, all Active members of ATA are eligible to run for elected office. Active members are those who have passed an ATA certification exam or who are established as having achieved professional status through an Active Membership Review, or through the Credentialed Interpreter program. Active members must be citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. Other member categories are not eligible to serve as officers or directors. However, any member may submit a nomination. Members of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee are not eligible to run for elected office. Self-nominations are permitted and encouraged.


Members may make a nomination using the online form. Nominations should be submitted as early as possible so that the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee can fully consider proposed candidates. The deadline is March 15, 2023.

If you plan to put names forward for nomination, please contact the potential nominees first, explaining your intention and the fact that a nomination does not guarantee a formal invitation to run for office. If a nomination is not put forward by the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee to ATA’s Board of Directors, an Active member may petition to be added to the slate of candidates by submitting the nomination in writing along with the signatures of at least 60 Voting members endorsing the nomination. The petitions must be received by the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee no later than 30 calendar days after first publication by the Board of Directors of the names of the candidates proposed by the committee.

All ATA officers and directors serve on a volunteer basis: please do not nominate colleagues who express serious concerns about service, or who have conflicting priorities.

Become an ATA Voting Member! Apply for Active Membership Review

Who is eligible to become a Voting member?
ATA Associate members who can demonstrate that they are professionally engaged in translation, interpreting, or closely related fields may be eligible for Voting membership. The qualification process, called Active Membership Review, is free and online!

Why should I become a Voting member?
Voting membership opens doors to your participation in the Association—take part in ATA elections, volunteer for Division and Committee roles, and increase your professional networking possibilities.

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