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Most translators and interpreters go into business understanding that finding and retaining clients will be hard work. What many fail to see, however, is the difficulty in running a business alone and not always knowing what to do next. This is where ATA’s Mastermind Program can help!

What is ATA’s Mastermind Program?
You might hear “mastermind” and automatically think of a master class where a highly experienced instructor shares their knowledge with students. This is not ATA’s Mastermind Program!

Instead, think of a small group of 6-7 colleagues—people of approximately the same level of professional experience—working together on designated business issues or learning goals. It’s a combination of brainstorm networking, accountability, and everyone’s willingness to grow and learn together.

How do the mastermind groups work?

  • Groups are organized according to shared interests. For example, there may be groups focused on marketing to direct clients, advanced use of CAT tools, and entering a new specialization. The list of discussion topics is wide open.
  • Groups meet monthly for seven months; each group, however, decides independently where and how to meet. Venues can include Zoom, Google Meet, or any similar meeting application.
  • Groups are led by a volunteer facilitator, and meetings follow a defined outline to help ensure equal speaking opportunities for all participants.
  • Members will agree on group rules, expectations, and guidelines before and during the first group meeting. This includes setting a single, definite focus for the group and clarifying the outcome everyone is looking to achieve.
  • Groups are self-guided and choose their own activities.

Participation is key
This peer-based mentoring approach depends on every member’s participation. Members challenge each other to set strong goals and, more importantly, work to accomplish them by holding each other accountable. All members are expected to come fully prepared and engage with each other in meaningful conversation.

Mastermind group work doesn’t end after a meeting. Everyone needs to make time for action, learning, and research between meetings. The group can also decide on shared activities outside of meetings, such as reading an article or chapter of a book together. The most crucial point is that activities are planned jointly and that everyone takes an active role in the conversations.

Did we mention continuing education points?
Group facilitators and participants are eligible for continuing education points (CEPs). Participants can earn one CEP per two hours of volunteering, up to a maximum of 10 CEPs.

Is ATA’s Mastermind Program for you?
This is an ATA members-only benefit. At least two years of professional translation or interpreting experience is required to participate. Participation requires taking an active role in conversations and activities. The program is a seven-month commitment.

One last note. If you’re looking for a one-to-one coaching relationship with someone who has more experience than you do, ATA’s Mentoring Program will be a better fit. Check it out!

Ready to sign up?
Click here to complete the sign-up form! Deadline to register is February 28, 2022.

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