International Translation Day: More than a One-Day Event

How many times have you fussed and fumed when a major news outlet used translator to mean interpreter? How often have you had to explain to a friend that you’re a translator, not an interpreter—and that there’s a difference? Probably too many times to count.

This year’s International Translation Day was all about showing and telling people what translators and interpreters do. It was a first step in changing the way the world views the profession and the professionals in it.

In August, ATA called on members to shake it up and celebrate International Translation Day 2018 on September 28 with a special social media blitz. Throughout the day, ATA’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram) featured a set of six infographics designed to answer common questions about translation and interpreting. ATA encouraged everyone to comment, retweet, follow, repin, tag, save, and share the infographics with family, friends, clients, and all those people who keep asking, “Can you really make a living doing that?”

Learn how ATA’s International Translation Day social media blitz came together. Then make plans to celebrate with ATA and your local T&I group in 2019. Listen to Episode 25 of The ATA Podcast.

Let’s Keep the ITD Message Going!

If you missed ATA’s International Translation Day infographics campaign, don’t worry! The infographics are available to download and share all year long! Download all six infographics here!

In addition, listen to Episode 15 of The ATA Podcast as Past President David Rumsey talks to Podcast Host Matt Baird about what translators and interpreters can do to celebrate their profession all year long.

Let’s keep the promotion going!


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