Helping Victims of Recent Natural Disasters

In the aftermath of the earthquake in Mexico City, as well as hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, many ATA members want to do something. There are the usual donations to the Red Cross and Salvation Army, but there are also ways to fund more specific, and perhaps more personal, needs.

No assistance is too little or too late. The organizations below are seeking support for getting victims back on their feet by providing temporary shelter and ensuring that they are fed, clothed, and have medical care.

Hurricane Maria
United for Puerto Rico
UNICEF in Puerto Rico
Hispanic Federation Unidos

Earthquake: Mexico
Topos México
Project Paz
UNICEF in Mexico
Go Fund Me

Hurricane: Harvey
Rebuild Texas Fund
Mayor’s Fund for Hurricane Harvey Relief
UNICEF in Texas

Hurricane: Irma
Feeding Florida
UNICEF in Florida

All Disaster Relief
Save the children
Habitat for Humanity
Direct Relief
Global Giving
One America Appeal

Whenever you give, wherever you give, please check with Charity Navigator to be sure your money is going to a reputable organization.


1 Responses to "Helping Victims of Recent Natural Disasters"

  1. JOAQUIN FONT says:

    Dear ATA representative:
    First of all, thank you to your organization for helping out supporting Hurricane relief in the Caribbean. Much appreciated!
    I am a certified interpreter and also manage a translation company based in Puerto Rico. In the wake of hurricanes Irma and Maria, I am interested in forming a pro-bono translation group that addresses the need for free or low-cost certified translations by the now dramatically increased number of citizens in Puerto Rico who lack the means to pay for regular translation services. Many islanders need these services all the more now since they are moving to the United States (according to one estimate, 500,000 Puerto Ricans are expected to emigrate to the island) and need to translate a range of documents (e.g., academic records, civil registry and probate court documents, etc.)
    I would like to ask if there is a group at the ATA that has experience in trying to form low-cost or pro bono translation groups, or if such a group already exists that I and other translators and project managers could collaborate with. If there are no such groups, do you have any suggestions about how one might be formed?
    (I have reached out and volunteered with Translators Without Borders (TWB) but they are more focused on work with NGOs rather than the general citizenry. I am also reaching out to Catholic Charities Written Translations and to explore possibilities.)
    I will appreciate any assistance or thoughts you may have on this project. I can be reached at or you can text or call me at 6178206332.
    Joaquin Font
    U.S. Court-Certified Interpreter

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