ATA Celebrates International Translation Day 2020 with “How Your Smartphone was Made Thanks to Translators and Interpreters”

It Wouldn’t be Possible without Translators and Interpreters!

A United Nations resolution passed in 2017 recognizes International Translation Day (ITD) as the day to pay tribute to the work of language professionals.

How Your Smartphone was Made Thanks to Translators and Interpreters

To commemorate the occasion, ATA released a short animated video on September 30, 2020 to remind the world’s 3.5 billion smartphone users how our work directly impacts their daily lives! The video conveys how translators, interpreters, localizers, transcreation experts, proofreaders, editors, and more helped turn a concept into the cell phone you’re likely holding in your hand. It was created to help get the word out to both your professional and personal network—people who may be unfamiliar with what you do—about the importance of your profession and your role in it.

The video was shared on ATA’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube). It was also made available on Vimeo, where members could download and share it with colleagues and friends on their own social media channels. 

Episode 50: The ATA Podcast
International Translation Day 2020: An Interview with Nick Hartmann

In addition to the video, members were invited to listen to a special International Translation Day episode of The ATA Podcast. Host Matt Baird interviewed ATA Past President Nick Hartmann for a look back at his career and the translation and interpreting industry—from the days of fax machines and modems in the early 1980s to the current age of specialization and machine translation.

ATA’s first episode of The ATA Podcast was broadcast in celebration of International Translation Day on September 30, 2015. So, it was perfect timing that this landmark 50th episode could be shared on International Translation Day! Listen to Episode 50 of The ATA Podcast now!

Why Tell Your Story?

What better way to create a platform for raising awareness of the translation and interpreting professions than to utilize the power of social media to share what you do with family, friends, clients, and all those people who keep asking, “Can you really make a living doing that?” This volunteer effort was headed by Jamie Hartz and Molly Yurick, who spent countless hours coordinating the details with ATA Director and Public Relations Committee Chair Eve Bodeux and ATA Headquarters and key volunteers.

Let’s Keep the ITD Message Going! 

If you missed ATA’s International Translation Day celebration, don’t worry! You can still access and share the video and the podcast to let everyone know what you do!

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