Call for Speakers – American Translators Association’s 63rd Annual Conference, October 12-15, 2022

Call for Speakers

The American Translators Association is now accepting presentation proposals for ATA’s 63rd Annual Conference in Los Angeles, California (October 12-15, 2022).

Contribute to the Profession and Gain Recognition as an Industry Leader
The ATA Annual Conference attracts an estimated 1,500 attendees, bringing together translators, interpreters, educators, project managers, and company owners. Making a presentation to such a diverse audience is an excellent way to build your reputation and résumé, widen your networking circle, and position yourself as an expert in your field!

Start Here!
If you’ve never written a proposal to present at an ATA Annual Conference, then this is the place to start! Watch How to Submit a Successful ATA Annual Conference Proposal to learn more about developing and submitting a presentation proposal for this event. Free!

Proposals must be received by March 1, 2022. Click here to learn more and submit!
You do not need to be an ATA member to submit a proposal. If you know someone who could make a great presentation, encourage them to submit their proposal for the ATA 63rd Annual Conference in Los Angeles, California!

Submission Limit
Please limit the number of submissions to three proposals. Additional submissions will be disregarded.

The Conference Organizer is looking for relevant, original content that will provide attendees information they can use to build, grow, and manage a translation or interpreting business.

Participants in a recent ATA Professional Development Survey reported they were particularly interested in the following topics:

• Advertising, marketing, transcreation
• Artificial intelligence
• Audiovisual, multimedia, subtitling
• Behavioral sciences
• Business communications, management
• Commercial, corporate law
• Corporate social responsibility
• Court proceedings, documents
• Education, pedagogy (translation programs, K-12 and higher)
• Environment, sustainability issues
• Finance, accounting, economics
• Health care, patient-related communication
• Immigration
• Industrial, mechanical engineering
• International development
• Journalism
• Linguistics, general translation skills
• Literature
• Machine translation, post-editing
• Medical devices
• Oil and gas
• Pharmaceuticals
• Research, clinical trials
• Social media
• Terminology
• Travel, tourism
• Website and software localization

• Community interpreting
• Conference interpreting
• Consecutive interpreting skills-building
• Criminal, family, civil law
• Depositions, pre-trial conferences
• Health care, medicine
• Immigration
• Interpreting in schools
• Mental health, psychiatric exams
• Note-taking for interpreters
• Requirements, changes in interpreter certification
• Simultaneous interpreting skills-building
• Tools, resources to develop interpreting skills
• Video remote interpreting
• Workers compensation, disabilities

Business Practices and Tools
• CAT tools
• Communication skills, client relations
• Cybersecurity, privacy, GDPR
• Financial, retirement planning
• Independent contracting, from A to Z
• Marketing, branding
• Negotiation skills, contracts
• Payment practices
• Productivity, organizational systems
• Social media, digital presence
• Website design, management
• Work/life balance

Proposals will be selected through a competitive peer-review process. The Conference Organizer and experts in the language and subject area of the proposed presentation will consider its relevance and potential to engage the audience and generate discussion.

Each proposal must be submitted as a Conference Session, but you may also request to be considered to offer an AST Course.

• Conference Sessions (Thursday, October 13 – Saturday, October 15) are 1- or 2-hour presentations, open to all attendees.
• AST Courses (Wednesday, October 12) are 3-hour workshops with limited capacity, providing intensive and interactive instruction.
• Distinguished Speakers are speakers invited by an ATA Division.

Proposals must be received by March 1, 2022. Submit your proposal today!

About the ATA Annual Conference

The ATA Annual Conference is essential for professional translators and interpreters to get the education and career development specific to their needs. Over 150 sessions are offered, featuring a variety of languages and specializations.

Speakers come from all over the world and volunteer to share their experience and expertise with all attendees. They are professional translators and interpreters, many of whom specialize in fields such as business, education, law, medicine, and more.

To learn more, please visit last year’s website for the ATA 62nd Annual Conference.

Tips for Preparing a Successful Proposal

• Do not send any supplemental material. The decision to accept your proposal is based only on the information provided this proposal. Information provided separately will not be considered.
• Submit a complete proposal. If you are unable to submit a complete proposal at this time, please consider a submission for next year. Incomplete submissions will be disregarded.
• Polish your proposal. Only well-written abstracts and bios will be taken into consideration.
• Focus on education. Proposals that appear to focus on selling products or services will be rejected.
• Know your audience. Your proposal should be designed for attendees with a specific level of experience. Preference will be given to proposals designed for audiences with five or more years of professional experience.
• Make it relevant. Your proposal should provide clear objectives for what attendees will learn and how they can apply this knowledge.
Please limit your number of submissions to (3) proposals. Additional submissions will be disregarded.
•Learn more about how to write a winning ATA conference proposal by watching a 60-minute webinar.


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