Language Advocacy Day 2020

ATA Supports Language Advocacy Day 2020

Keeping translator and interpreter issues in front of Congress is critical in a time of budget cuts, especially when language education is seen as a nice thing to have but not terribly useful. It’s an effort that ATA supports 100%.

The 2020 Language Advocacy Day is February 5-7!

Advocate for yourself and your profession! Join ATA members and the Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL) in an all-day advocacy event in Washington, DC.

The event includes training sessions, collaborative working groups, and meetings with Congressional offices and Executive Branch agencies.

What’s it like to advocate for translation and interpreting issues on Capitol Hill?

Listen in to Episode 19 of The ATA Podcast to hear ATA members talk about their visits to the Hill during the T&I Advocacy Day 2017, organized by ATA and JNCL.

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