ATA Statement Opposing Discontinuing Immigration Interpreting Services

American Translators Association Issues
Statement Opposing Discontinuing Immigration Interpreting Services

The American Translators Association (ATA) has issued a statement opposing the U.S. Department of Justice plan to discontinue in-person interpreting services for individuals facing potential deportation.

ATA states that without access to a qualified, professional interpreter, individuals facing deportation from the U.S. will be denied the fair and equal treatment guaranteed under the law. These individuals cannot understand their rights or the process that will determine their eligibility to enter the U.S.

The Association also points out that the time and cost savings expected by discontinuing in-person interpreting services will result in additional time and cost as appeals are filed for violations of due process. In consequence, delays will be inevitable as new cases are added to an already overburdened U.S. immigration system.

Read the ATA Statement.


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  1. GEORGE T. PELKA says:

    Trump Administration is a cruel joke, I am ashamed of our current president and look forward to the next Democratic or Socialist President. Howwgh

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