ATA Statement on AB 5 and Mandatory Employee Classification

The recent passage of Assembly Bill 5 – or AB 5 – in California will reclassify freelance translators and interpreters as employees beginning January 1 — with devastating effect financially on many of our colleagues working in the state. New York and New Jersey have now begun drafting similar legislation. These laws are intended to address inequities in the “gig economy.” The business of freelance translation and interpreting is far from that. And yet our profession is caught up in a generic definition of what it means to be a “freelancer.”

In September, ATA joined forces with other T&I organizations to request an exemption from AB 5 for translators and interpreters. The association is now actively supporting the Coalition of Practicing Translators and Interpreters of California to continue advocating for the exemption.

Read the three statements issued by ATA and get involved in standing up for our profession! 



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