ATA 61st Annual Conference Goes Fully Virtual

Message from the ATA61 Conference Organizer

Dear Colleague,

This year we’ve all been met with a lot of uncertainty. As President-Elect and Annual Conference organizer, I will tell you that a global pandemic and economic crisis were not the challenges I expected we’d face this year in planning ATA61.

With the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States continuing to climb, your health and well-being remain our top priority. Keeping this in mind, and in order to bring some certainty to our Annual Conference event, the ATA Board of Directors has decided to shift from a “hybrid” (in-person and virtual) model to a fully virtual conference model this year.

We could not make this decision earlier in the year due to the huge financial cancelation penalties ATA would have incurred if we had canceled without a contractually-stipulated cause. The conference hotel has now agreed to waive cancelation penalties if we agree to hold our Annual Conference at their hotel in 2025, the next available date. The removal of this financial barrier allowed us to focus solely on the health and well-being of our conference attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors.

While meeting in person is the highlight of the year for many of us, we know that holding the Annual Conference virtually this year is the best decision moving forward. You can expect 100+ educational sessions, a Job Fair, an Exhibit Hall, a new and exciting Awards Ceremony, and more. And while you may not be able to hug your old friends and shake hands with new ones this year, there will be plenty of opportunities to network and socialize during the virtual conference.

Registration is expected to open in early August. Please watch for more information in the coming weeks and months.

I look forward to organizing ATA61 this year, and I am grateful for the opportunity. I hope to see you virtually in October!

Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo
ATA President-elect and Conference Organizer

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  1. Hisham B Al Habbal says:

    We, the member translators and interpreters are very grateful for the management and committee of such a wise decision. At the same time we are all hope that the conference registration fees will dramatically drop taking into consideration the COVID-19 financial hit on most -if not- all of us. This is really an exciting opportunity to have the chance to attend the conference from the comfort of our cities and towns, but at the same time a new experience for most of us – lecturers, presenters, attendees, and sponsers. Last but not least, we congratulate the ATA negotiators for reaching that agreement with the hotel management without financial loss.



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