ATA 2022 Elections: Slate of Candidates

Candidates Announced
ATA Elections | 2022 Annual Conference
Los Angeles, California

ATA will hold its regularly scheduled elections at the upcoming ATA 63rd Annual Conference in Los Angeles, California (October 12-15, 2022) to elect four directors (three vacancies, each for a three-year term, and one director for a one-year term).

Additional nominations, supported by a written petition signed by no fewer than 60 voting members and the nominee’s written acceptance statement, must be received by the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee by June 1. Acceptance statements and petitions should be submitted to Nominating and Leadership Development Committee Chair Ted Wozniak (

Candidate statements and photos of the candidates will appear in the September/October issue of The ATA Chronicle and on ATA’s website. The candidates proposed by the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee are:

Director (four positions—three vacancies, each for a three-year term, and one appointed director with a remaining term of one year):

  • Yasmin Alkashef
  • Andy Benzo
  • Robin Bonthrone
  • Céline Browning
  • Amine El Fajri
  • Christina Green
  • Miao (Maggie) Hong (withdrew)
  • Ben Karl
  • Hana Kawashima Ransom
  • Caroline Kyung Ha Kim
  • Edna Santizo

Become an ATA Voting Member
Did you know that you do not need to be ATA-certified to vote? Any ATA Associate Member who can demonstrate that they are professionally engaged in translation, interpreting, or closely related fields may apply for Voting Membership. How? Just complete and submit the ATA Active Membership Review application. No additional paperwork required. It’s fast, free, and easy!




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