American Translators Association Advocates on Behalf of Interpreters

The American Translators Association warned federal and state officials about the consequences of lowering their standards for providing professional interpreters.

ATA Opposes Lower Interpreter Exam Scores in Texas

Two bills to lower court interpreter exam scores to 60% are under consideration in the Texas Legislature. ATA has voiced its opposition to the proposals in a letter, citing the injustice of providing limited-English-proficient speakers with interpreters who fail to accurately interpret 40% of what is said. ATA President Corinne McKay states: “Texas is gravely endangering the administration of justice. It is also possible that these interpreters’ English skills are insufficient for the tasks at hand, preventing them from communicating accurately with judges, attorneys, and other English-speaking court staff.” Read now.

ATA Calls for a Public Directory of Federally-Certified Interpreters

ATA has written to Robert Lowney, chief of the Courts Programs Division for the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, to urge the publication of a public roster of Federally-Certified interpreters that attorneys and individuals in need of interpreters can access. ATA President Corinne McKay states: “Publishing your roster would surely make it easier for limited-English-proficient individuals and their attorneys to access qualified interpreters, without the risk of using untrained bilinguals, or individuals misrepresenting themselves as FCCl-credentialed.” Read now.

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  1. Hélène V. Conte says:

    Way to go, ATA!!!

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