Alliant, New ATA Professional Liability Insurance Broker

Alliant is the new broker for ATA-sponsored professional liability insurance. The underwriter is still Lloyds of London. All policies remain in effect and unchanged.

Why should you consider professional liability insurance?

In the translators and interpreters industry, even a small oversight or error can carry disastrous circumstances. When mistakes happen, you can be held responsible for damages incurred by your client, leading to a slew of potentially staggering legal costs.

The member-exclusive, ATA-endorsed Professional Liability Insurance Program protects you against claims-related errors, omissions, and/or negligence arising from your professional services. This comprehensive solution, commonly known as errors and omissions liability insurance (E&O), covers defense costs and settlements and provides a valuable layer of additional coverage

Why choose the ATA-sponsored professional liability insurance?

The policy is specific to the translation and interpreting professions. This is not a one-size-fits-all plan, but a plan that is specific to the work you do.

What does the ATA-sponsored professional liability insurance cover? ƒƒ

Broad definition of translation/interpreting services: Covers activities relevant to a translator or interpreter, including editing, publishing, and proofreading. ƒƒ

Coverage for contingent bodily injury and/or property damages: Covers errors in providing translation/interpreting services that result in bodily injury and/or property damage. These types of claims are typically excluded by generic professional liability policies. ƒƒ

Coverage for cyber liability, including HIPPA and HITECH breaches: Covers breaches related to the provision of professional services in violation or breach of the HIPPA and HITECH Acts.

Visit for additional information. Questions? Contact Alliant toll-free at +1-703-547-5777 or email

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