Welcome to the ATA Audiovisual Division!

Welcome to the ATA Audiovisual Division


The Board of Directors approved the establishment of the Audiovisual Division at its August 2018 meeting. AVD is the Association’s 22nd Division. The Board also approved the appointments of Deborah Wexler as acting administrator and Ana Salotti as acting assistant administrator until the AVD election in October 2019.

In addition to supporting and mentoring audiovisual linguists, AVD will work to create quality professional development opportunities for its members. The division also plans to network and build relationships with media content creators and providers.

ATA members working in the audiovisual field, or members who would like to learn more about this specialty, are invited to join the division. You can join AVD and any of the other 21 divisions anytime by going to your membership account. (And, just a reminder that division memberships are included in your ATA dues, so there is no extra charge for joining.)

What is an ATA Division?

An ATA division is a community within the Association that connects members with the same professional interests and challenges. The result is the best in practical networking and shared information.

Eight Smart Reasons to Join an ATA Division

ATA dues include division memberships. So why not take a minute to increase the value of your membership—join an ATA division and get connected!

Learn more about what ATA divisions and chapters can offer you

One of the most important goals of ATA is to offer members ways to share resources and build business relationships. ATA divisions and chapters do both, but in different ways.

Episode 20 of The ATA Podcastexamines those differences as well as the similarities between the two.

Listen to Episode 20 of The ATA Podcast!

Even if you think you have no interest in joining an ATA chapter or division, it’s worth listening to this episode to find out how ATA’s enormous diversity became one of its greatest strengths.


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