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Did You Miss Taking the ATA Compensation Survey?

September 16, 2021

It’s not too late. We’ve extended the survey deadline to Friday, October 1. Don’t wait—take the survey now!

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Humor and Translation: Yippee-i-o-ki-yay, Amigo!

August 25, 2021

Thanks to Hollywood films, one of the most iconic American images is that of the Wild West, where rugged cowboys ride the open range with only howling coyotes for company, speaking iconic words, imported largely, of course, from Mexico.

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2021 ATA and AFTI Honors and Awards: Nominations Open!

April 30, 2021

Do you know a colleague who deserves to be recognized for outstanding work? ATA and the American Foundation for Translation and Interpretation (AFTI) present annual and biennial awards to encourage, reward, and publicize outstanding work done by both seasoned professionals and students.

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ATA Requests the CDC to Explicitly List Interpreters as Essential Workers Eligible for Phase 1 Vaccinations

January 28, 2021

ATA urges the new CDC Director, Dr. Walensky, to explicitly include onsite medical and interpreters in other settings, such as the courts, among the listed examples of frontline essential workers eligible for Phase 1 vaccinations. ATA also asks that onsite court interpreters be moved from the 1c level to the 1b level, especially in light of reports from around the country that they are being exposed to unsafe working conditions.

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Humor and Translation: Preserving Plautdietsch

December 25, 2020

Plautdietsch is one of the world’s many endangered languages of limited diffusion, but its demise has been stemmed by the efforts of a single person: Jack Thiessen.

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ATA’s 2019–2020 School Outreach Contest Winner Goes Virtual

December 22, 2020

After schools closed in South Florida and elsewhere due to the pandemic, Giovanna (Gio) Lester happened to see that ATA’s School Outreach Program was looking for a virtual presenter. She immediately volunteered. This year’s ATA School Outreach Contest winner shared the inside story of her first virtual presentation with students in Missouri.

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Renew Your ATA Membership for 2021 — Installment Plan Available!

December 7, 2020

To help those members who find it difficult to pay membership dues in full at this time, ATA is offering an installment plan in 2021. Renew online to choose this payment option.

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How to Avoid Misinformation: Cross-Border Strategies PR Pros Should be Thinking About

November 20, 2020

If you’re looking for something to share with prospective clients about the importance of hiring a professional translator or interpreter, check out this article about marketing to international audiences by ATA PR Writers Group Member Matt Baird!

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Thanking Longtime ATA Members

November 8, 2020

We want to say a special thank you to those members who have supported ATA for 25 or more years!

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