More Spoofing, Phishing, and Scamming

Members of ATA’s Business Practices Listserv are reporting new scam email job offers.

Text messages offering job opportunities are also still floating around. Unlike email job offers of old with grammatical and spelling mistakes, these are quite good. Frequently, there is a mention of the translator having been found through a “portfolio published on ATA’s website.” The email recipient is invited to an online interview for the position. In some cases a well-known business is cited as the employer and a hiring manager is mentioned by name. Even an hourly rate and job requirements have been included.

And don’t forget spoofing traps. Spoofing is only apparent when you analyze the entire email header. Click to learn how to display email headers.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Get informed! ATA’s blog The Savvy Newcomer recently published a post with some of the latest scam attacks. See Look Out for These Red Flags in Client Communications. Not yet following The Savvy Newcomer? Then you’re missing out on one of the best resources available to translators and interpreters—veterans and newcomers alike! Click now to take a look.

More Resources for Information on Scams

Not on the ATA Business Practices Listserv?
Questions, answers, suggestions, recommendations, the latest scams, why I do it, why I don’t do it, why I disagree —it’s all here on the ATA Business Practices listserv. Open to ATA members only. Click here to find out more about the listserv and the ATA Business Practices Education Committee in the May/June 2020 issue of The ATA Chronicle.

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