The ATA Mentoring Program—It’s Not Just for Newcomers

You might assume that mentoring is for newcomers. You’d be wrong, especially when it comes to ATA’s Mentoring Program.

Why would an experienced translator or interpreter want to work with a mentor?

  • Transitioning from a full-time employee to an independent contractor
  • Looking for ways to get a foot in the door with direct clients
  • Considering a new specialization or expanding services
  • Interested in learning how to make better use of a CAT tool
  • Thinking about moving from a consecutive to simultaneous interpreting career
  • Looking for advice about marketing techniques and social media
  • Needing guidance on how to deal with project managers and agencies

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Advice, encouragement, lessons learned, career guidance—the benefits of being a mentee can be critical to the success of a career or business. And the level of experience and professionalism of this ATA network of support is unparalleled in the industry. This is your ATA membership at work!

Applications from interested mentees will be accepted through March 6, 2020. Click here for more information!

Quick Questions About the ATA Mentoring Program

Who may participate in the ATA Mentoring Program?

  • Any ATA member is eligible for participation in the program.

What kind of time commitment is involved?

  • ATA mentorships last for six months, with the option of extending to one year.
  • One to two hours per month or more.

What do I need to know?

  • The mentee sets the goals and pace.
  • Mentor and mentee negotiate how the relationship will play out.
  • Most ATA mentorships are long-distance.

How can I become a mentee?

  • Review and update your professional services listing in the online ATA Directory.
    Don’t have a listing? Create one!
  • Download the ATA Mentee Statement Worksheet from ATA’s website.
  • Write a 400-word essay in English using your worksheet answers.
    Be sure to include:
    »  description of your background
    »  your translation or interpreting experience
    »  what you hope to gain from an ATA mentorship
  • Email your contact information, with your worksheet and essay as attachments, to

How can I become a mentor?

  • Update your ATA Directory profile.
  • Download the ATA Mentor Statement Worksheet from ATA’s website.
  • Fill out the worksheet; the Mentoring Committee will use this information to match you to a mentee.
  • Email the worksheet as an attachment to

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