ATA Certification Exam Prep Workshop

ATA Certification Exam Prep Workshop
August 15, 2020 • Atlanta, Georgia

ATA-certified translators stand out in their profession. With a 20% pass rate, ATA’s certification exam can be challenging even for those with experience. Both sessions presented at this workshop will prepare you for that challenge!

Many candidates who fail the certification exam are surprised and wonder how—after so many years of experience—they are still unable to pass. Both sessions listed below will help attendees understand how the exam is graded and identity the common errors that candidates make. The presenters will show examples from real-life tests to demonstrate common pitfalls and provide tips to avoid them. Attend one or both of the sessions to increase your chances of passing the exam!

Session I (9:00am – 12:00pm)
Preparing for the ATA English>Spanish Certification Exam (Instructor: Diego Mansilla, CT)

Diego Mansilla, CT is a grader for ATA’s English>Spanish certification exam. A professional translator for 20 years, he teaches advanced translation courses and is the director of the Spanish>English Translation Certificate Program at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He is an ATA-certified English>Spanish translator.

Session II (2:00pm – 5:00pm)
Preparing for the ATA Spanish>English Certification Exam (Instructor: Holly Mikkelson, CT)

Holly Mikkelson, CT is professor emerita of translation and interpreting at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. She is a federally certified court interpreter and an ATA-certified Spanish<>English translator with four decades of professional experience. She has taught classes and workshops all over the world. She has written many articles and books on various aspects of interpreting, and is the author of the Acebo training manuals for court and medical interpreters.

In order to develop and tailor each session, attendees will be given a sample ATA practice test to translate and return by July 15. Practice test translations received by July 15 will be reviewed to target the common—and not so common—errors. If your translation is received by the deadline, the speakers will grade and return it to you at the end of the workshop. (Translations received after the deadline will be returned to you by the end of August.) During each session, the speakers will analyze the most representative errors made by attendees on the practice test, but all examples used will remain anonymous. Some of the content will be the same as the Advanced Skills and Training Course at ATA60.

Take advantage of discounted rates, available until July 31.

Limited seating! Both sessions are limited to 25 participants to ensure individual attention and an optimal learning experience. These sessions will not be recorded.

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