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Three Crazy Ideas about Translation Standards

November/December 2016 Issue

I’m a big fan of standardization! That’s why I’ve been using international standards in my classroom for almost 10 years. I believe that a big part of skill-oriented teaching (my own specialties are computer-assisted translation and terminology management) is familiarizing students with industry best practices. And one way of looking at standards is precisely as […]

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Hiding in Plain Sight: Analytics Features in LinkedIn and Twitter

March/April 2016 Issue

You’ve probably heard the old adage “Know thy audience.” Both LinkedIn and Twitter now provide a number of easy-to-use but powerful analytics functions that help you better understand your followers so that you can tailor tweets and posts accordingly. Best of all, it won’t cost you a dime to access the analytics functions on LinkedIn […]

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Speech Recognition to Go

November/December 2015 Issue

Repetitive stress injuries have a long history in medical literature. The first known report of this condition appeared more than 300 years ago, written by Bernardino Ramazzini, an Italian physician who described the suffering of clerks and industrial workers.1 Today, these cumulative trauma conditions account for about a third of workers’ compensation cases in the […]

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