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Adventures in the World of TMX

November/December 2023 Issue

Let’s discuss some of the issues encountered when converting legacy TMX files from some competitive products to a flavor of TMX for input into memoQ TMS. We’ll explore some of the differences between how several TMS technology manufacturers have interpreted the TMX standard. The conversion direction covered here is from the legacy formats to memoQ-friendly […]

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Can You Build Your Own Neural Machine Translation Engine?

September/October 2023 Issue

By Carola F. Berger Spoiler alert: No. But it is possible to adapt an existing neural machine translation engine with your own translation memory, a process known as fine-tuning. If you are a solo translator with a sufficient amount of translation memory data, the result can be quite good. In some cases, it may even […]

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Microsoft PowerToys

May/June 2023 Issue

By Jost Zetzsche I love little utilities or apps that do something very specific and do it specifically well. Windows has a lot of these, but typically they don’t do what they do particularly well—at least compared to other third-party utilities. Case in point: Windows’ zipping utility. It sort of works but not really when […]

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Using Asana to Track Your Marketing Efforts with Ease

March/April 2023 Issue

By Molly Yurick One of my biggest struggles as a freelancer used to be tracking my marketing efforts on a messy Excel sheet that had around a thousand columns and three million rows. Due to my disorganization, I would forget to follow up with potential clients I had contacted, lose track of which agencies I […]

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Terminology Management: What You Should Know

January/February 2023 Issue

By Marina Ilari Terminology management is the process of identifying, storing, and managing customer, company, or product-specific terminology that needs to be translated in a definitive way. Simply put, it’s the process of building a glossary with preferred translations (or ones the client doesn’t want used due to personal preferences) that you’ll then upload to […]

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Bilingual Review Files: A Productivity Aid or a Waste of Time?

November/December 2022 Issue

By Andrew Bell Bilingual review files come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they’re meant to facilitate the revision stage of a translation project. As you can see in the example in Figure 1 below, the bilingual review file consists of several columns. One column is reserved for […]

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MultiTraiNMT: Neural Machine Translation for Everyone

September/October 2022 Issue

Neural machine translation (NMT) is on everyone’s mind. Its quality has become stunning, if not frightening, and it continues to improve even as we speak. Tech giants are investing tremendous amounts of capital in NMT applications. Language services providers, big and small, are deploying it in production. And translators are increasingly using it in their […]

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Bonanza! Striking Translation Gold by Mining Parallel Texts

July/August 2022 Issue

Let me start with a confession: I barely passed translation theory in college. I scraped by with a C after several nights in a row of frantic caffeine-fueled essay writing. The problem? Theory bored me. If you talked to me about coherence and calque my eyes glazed over. Back then, I just wanted to translate. […]

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Which iPad Is Best for Interpreting?

May/June 2022 Issue

In this column, I’ll answer a question I encounter at least once a month: “Which tablet is best for interpreting?” After sharing why I’m a big iPad fan, I’ll give you a rundown of all the options on the market. Here’s the good news. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get an excellent […]

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