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Talking with the Developer of GT4T

March/April 2020 Issue

Dallas Cao is the developer of GT4T1, a little, unobtrusive application that allows you to connect from any Windows or Mac application to a large range of machine translation (MT) engines. As such, it represents a different way of accessing MT suggestions from many of the translation environment tools within their interfaces, and it also […]

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Thoughts on Naver Papago with MT Engineer Lucy Park

November/December 2019 Issue

At the Asia-Pacific Translation and Interpreting Forum—FIT (APTIF9)1 in Seoul, South Korea, in July, I listened to a very dynamic talk by Lucy Park, an engineer for the Korean machine translation (MT) engine Naver Papago. (By the way, Naver is the primary search engine in Korea, and Papago—“parrot” in Esperanto—is its MT engine.) While Google […]

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My Takeaways from Translating a Chinese Dictionary from English

September/October 2019 Issue

Five years ago, I discovered a tragic shortage of free online Chinese>Hungarian dictionaries. I soon decided that it was my mission to fill this gap. There was just one small problem I had to overcome: I don’t really speak Chinese. Here, then, is what I learned about the translation industry as I created the Chinese-Hungarian […]

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Regular Expressions: An Introduction for Translators

July/August 2019 Issue

Regular expressions (also known as RegEx) are a very powerful resource and open a full range of possibilities in different programs, including some computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. You can think of regular expressions as a search-and-replace function on steroids. Regular expressions can assist our translation work by allowing us to search, replace, and filter text […]

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Audiovisual Translation: Preparing for This Market

May/June 2019 Issue

We live in an era of easy access to video production and consumption. An example of this is the incredible metrics for YouTube. (300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and almost five billion videos are watched on YouTube every day.)1 To this number, add data from a recent Nielsen Company Audience […]

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Machine Interpreting and Misleading Marketing

March/April 2019 Issue

Nowadays, it seems that most tech companies have produced a product that promises machine interpreting. These are then promoted and sold to a public desperate to be told that the language barrier has fallen and they can now go anywhere they like and talk to anyone, without ever seeing another interpreter again. Whatever we think […]

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Quintessential Apps for Mac Users

January/February 2019 Issue

As translators, we must spend countless hours in front of a computer, or, as is the case for many of us, two screens. So, how can we make our time in front of the screen a better experience? Aside from computer-assisted translation tools, what other programs should we use to help us work as efficiently […]

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A Review of the Bilingual Law Dictionary/Diccionario Jurídico Bilingüe (Second Edition)

November/December 2018 Issue

Publication Details Bilingual Law Dictionary/Diccionario Jurídico Bilingüe (Second Edition) Editor: Cuauhtémoc Gallegos Publisher: Merl Publications Publication Date: March 2018 Available from: The second edition of the Bilingual Law Dictionary/Diccionario Jurídico Bilingüe (Merl Publications, 2018) is a welcome addition to the now well-populated bibliography of legal dictionaries in the Spanish>English combination. Unlike translators in many […]

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Human-Centered Translation Technology

September/October 2018 Issue

The European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT) held its 21st annual conference in Alacant, Spain, on May 28–30, 2018.1 The organizers made a great effort to invite professional translators to the conference with the goal of bringing machine translation (MT) researchers, developers, and vendors closer to the actual individuals using MT systems. I had the […]

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