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Machine Translation vs. Human Translation: Will Artificial Intelligence Replace the World’s Second Oldest Profession?

May/June 2023 Issue

By Jost Zetzsche (Note: I originally wrote this as a post for The ATA Compass blog, which publishes articles and provides resources to show potential clients how language professionals can help them achieve their goals. Although geared toward clients, many T&I professionals have said that the points I make in the article resonate with them, […]

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Computer Intelligence

March/April 2023 Issue

By Jost Zetzsche I’m certain many of you feel very much like I do while reading the never-ending articles, social media posts, and numerous other publications about the natural language processing tool ChatGPT, what an incredible impact this “AI thing” is having on us, and how it will change everything! Every time I read another […]

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Is the Machine Translation Market Maturing?

November/December 2022 Issue

By Jost Zetzsche One sign of a maturing industry or branches within an industry are companies that evolve to cater to that specific industry branch. When all kinds of companies and products rose up in the early 2000s to cater specifically to translators (I’m not thinking of translation environment tools here, but things like accounting […]

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Ridiculous Generosity

September/October 2022 Issue

I’m so happy to announce that we’ll once again have a Dictionary Exchange at ATA’s 63rd Annual Conference in Los Angeles (October 12–15, 2022). Many of you know that this has been my favorite ATA event during the past few years because it allows us to be ridiculously generous with our own dictionary treasures while […]

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The All-New Trados

July/August 2022 Issue

I had a conversation about the new Trados with Daniel Brockmann, the principal product manager at RWS, and his colleague Andrew Thomas, the senior director for Trados marketing. Before the conversation I felt pretty sure we would be talking about Trados 2022, which was released at the end of May. It turns out we did […]

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Selling Data

May/June 2022 Issue

In 2004, I started a company with Donna Parrish, one of the co-owners and co-organizers of the LocWorld conferences (, called TM Marketplace. The idea behind the company was to facilitate the leasing of translation memories (TMs) between parties. These TMs could either be used for traditional TM lookup services or as training material for […]

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March/April 2022 Issue

Crowdin ( has undergone tremendous change over the years. It has evolved into a company with 65 full-time employees and the focus of its tool has completely shifted. Crowdin is the cloud-based localization management tool that first appeared during the heyday of translation crowdsourcing and offered an inexpensive way to have files in software development […]

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Voice Recognition in Windows 11

January/February 2022 Issue

Operating systems have become increasingly less important now that so much has moved to the cloud and so many browser-based applications don’t care whether you run them on Windows, macOS/iOS, Linux, or Android. On the other hand, there are still plenty of applications that depend either completely or mostly on the operating system, including many […]

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Intento for Translators

November/December 2021 Issue

What are the pros and cons of using a tool like Intento that allows you simultaneous access to dozens of machine translation (MT) engines? (When I say “a tool like,” I’m really not being particularly accurate because it’s actually the only tool that does what it does.) If you’ve used generic MT engines like those […]

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