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Dealing with Uncertain Times

May/June 2020 Issue

By the time you have this issue in your hands, things may or may not have gotten back to normal after a very difficult and unprecedented spring due to the coronavirus outbreak. I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that things will be far from normal, so an article about how […]

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Is Remote Simultaneous Interpreting the Next Big Thing?

January/February 2020 Issue

Just like many interpreters and translators, I’ve been thinking about the future quite a bit. Not just about the future of our profession, but the future of work in general and about where we, as practicing linguists, can find our long-term place in a world already dominated by artificial intelligence and amidst the threat (and […]

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Dealing with Sexual Harassment

May/June 2019 Issue

Thanks to the #MeToo movement, women and men around the world finally feel more comfortable discussing the issue of sexual harassment in and out of the workplace. However, I’ve noticed that this is a subject that rarely comes up in the interpreting profession. Does that mean it doesn’t exist? Of course not, but perhaps especially […]

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My Southwest Story: Getting in the Media

September/October 2018 Issue

A few months ago, the in-flight magazine of Southwest Airlines, aptly named Southwest: The Magazine, ran a one-page feature on yours truly, which I still find hard to believe.1 A friend of mine who runs a public relations firm told me that the PR value of this is in the range of $150,000, which I […]

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Four Truths about Court Interpreting

May/June 2018 Issue

Both my interpreting students and beginning court interpreter colleagues pursing certification ask me regularly what it’s really like to be a working court interpreter. In this column I will answer this question (partially, of course) with four cold, hard truths that you might not have learned in college or during your training.  1. You […]

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Attending Industry-Specific Conferences and Events

November/December 2017 Issue

By the time you read this, you’ll have come back from yet another extraordinary ATA Annual Conference, this year in our nation’s capital. I don’t have a crystal ball, but if the past 15 years or so are any indication, I bet it was amazing indeed. The week of ATA’s Annual Conference is one of […]

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Skeptical Hippos and a Paradigm Shift

July/August 2017 Issue

A few months ago I had the chance to speak at the wonderfully organized BP17 Translation Conference in Budapest, Hungary. (According to the conference website, BP stands for business practices.) Having been asked to give one of the main TED-style talks, I settled on just a few image-based slides to discuss how to convince clients […]

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Is Twitter Stupid?

March/April 2017 Issue

Without even getting into politics, there are many controversial things in the world today, and Twitter is one of them (albeit one that’s relatively innocuous). I was an early adapter of Twitter in 2008, although I did join the then-new social media platform kicking and screaming. Some of the concerns I had back then are […]

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On Court Interpreting and Language Discrimination

November/December 2016 Issue

For my final column of the year, I’ve decided to tackle a perhaps controversial topic that I’ve been discussing with friends and colleagues in the court interpreting world: language discrimination. Does it exist? How should you handle it? Bear in mind that the following is, of course, only my opinion, but I hope it provides […]

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