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Why You Need to Keep Swipe Files for Your T&I Business

July/August 2021 Issue

Swipe files are something I believe every translator or interpreter should be keeping for their business, regardless of whether they prefer to work with translation/interpreting agencies or direct clients. So, what’s a swipe file? In a nutshell, a swipe file is a file or folder you keep on your computer, in your email, on your […]

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Teamwork: The Pros and Cons of Being a Lone Wolf or a Pack Animal

May/June 2021 Issue

From the outside looking in, most translators probably seem like lone wolves, happily working at their desks all day with hardly any social contact. In fact, many freelancers highlight being their own boss and making all the decisions as one of the main reasons they pursued a self-employed career. But the reality can be quite […]

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Why Your Website Needs a Contact Form and How to Get It Right

January/February 2021 Issue

Contact forms on websites are nothing new these days. But not all freelance translators or interpreters take advantage of them. There are a lot of good reasons to use a contact form. It doesn’t have to be totally impersonal if you set it up well. Done right, you can make a contact form that’s beneficial […]

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Query Sheet Management for Project Managers and Translators

September/October 2020 Issue

Everyone will probably agree that one of the most important aspects of a successful translation project is communication—with the client, project manager, and linguistic team. To facilitate organized and effective communication between everyone involved in a project, a query sheet will sometimes be provided. These sheets are especially important in large, complex projects where there […]

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How to Plan for Big Changes in Your Freelance Business

November/December 2019 Issue

Do you ever feel like you need to make a change in your business, but you’re not sure when to pull the trigger? Or maybe you know you’ve needed to make a change for some time but just keep putting it off. If you aren’t sure when the best time is to make a change […]

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Glossaries for Translators: Why You Need Them

September/October 2019 Issue

If you haven’t made your own translation glossaries yet, you need to create one right now. You’re not just missing out, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The benefits of creating and maintaining your own glossaries cannot be understated, from increased productivity to better translation quality. They are essential tools for all translators that can be […]

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Three Myths about Who Should Edit Your Translation

July/August 2019 Issue

(The following originally appeared on The Savvy Newcomer blog, Some translation projects involve a lone translator, while others allow the translator to choose an editor. My own experience comes from working for direct clients, where I almost always choose an editor to work closely on a translation with me, or we switch roles and […]

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Take Charge of Your Rates

March/April 2019 Issue

There’s been a lot written recently about raising rates. I’ve even seen it said that it’s impossible to increase them for existing clients. So, having just raised mine for a large group of clients—something I’ve done many times in the past—I thought I would offer a little inspiration and encouragement for those being put off […]

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I’m a Translator, NOT a Machine: When It’s Time to Say Goodbye to a Client

January/February 2019 Issue

I’ve written previously about parting company with clients. Sometimes this happens over time, maybe because you’ve raised your rates, or said “No” too often and they’ve looked elsewhere. Or perhaps they’ve imposed unreasonable demands on you as a freelancer, or you just don’t want to work for them any more because the relationship has become […]

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