Column Highlights

The Board’s Annual Strategy Day; The Final Countdown; Board Meeting Highlights; Ridiculous Generosity; MultiTraiNMT; Rites of Passage; and more!

  • Rites of Passage: Selecting and Preparing Source Texts for the Certification Exam

    Certification Forum

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  • MultiTraiNMT: Neural Machine Translation for Everyone

    Resource Review

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  • Ridiculous Generosity


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  • From the President-Elect: The Final Countdown!

    From the President-Elect

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  • From the Executive Director: Board Meeting Highlights

    From the Executive Director

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  • From the President: The Board’s Annual Strategy Day

    From the President

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Bonus Features

    • Humor and Translation — Music as Translation

      In her recent book on Music and Translation1, Lucile Desblache assumes an extremely expansive definition of translation, applying the term to virtually any cultural artifact that has been influenced in any way by another cultural artifact from the same or a different culture.

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    • Letters to Editor

      We’re waiting to hear from you! Do you have a comment about a particular article or column? We’re always interested in hearing what you have to say. Submit your letters today!

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    • New Certified Members

      Congratulations! The following members have successfully passed ATA’s certification exam!

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