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Looking Back While Moving Forward; ATA63: One for the Books!; Freelance Translator’s Client Reference List; Is the Machine Translation Market Maturing?; Bilingual Review Files; and more!

  • “I Failed the Practice Test. Now What?”

    Certification Forum

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  • Bilingual Review Files: A Productivity Aid or a Waste of Time?

    Resource Review

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  • Is the Machine Translation Market Maturing?


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  • Freelance Translator’s Client Reference List

    Business Practices

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  • From the President-Elect: ATA63: One for the Books!

    From the President-Elect

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  • From the President: Looking Back while Moving Forward

    From the President

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  • ATA Supports Colorado Legislation to Use ATA-Certified Translators

    ATA has written a letter to the Colorado House Committee on Business Affairs & Labor suggesting changes to HB23-1004, a bill which will require translations of insurance documents be provided by a certified translator, specifically citing ATA as the certifying organization.

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  • ATA 2023 Elections: Call for Nominations - Officers and Directors

    Do you know someone who would make a good potential candidate for ATA’s Board of Directors? If so, ATA’s Nominating and Leadership Development Committee would like to hear from you. Any ATA member may make a nomination. Here’s your chance to help shape the future of the Association!

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  • ATA 64th Annual Conference: Call for Speakers

    ATA is now accepting presentation proposals for ATA’s 64th Annual Conference in Miami, Florida (October 25-28). the conference brings together translators, interpreters, educators, project managers, and company owners. Making a presentation to such a diverse audience is an excellent way to build your reputation and résumé, widen your networking circle, and position yourself as an expert in your field!

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Bonus Features

    • Humor and Translation — Fun With Language

      The number of things that can be done with language is truly amazing. Given crazy English spelling, it’s not too surprising that many words which include the sound of a letter are spelled without the letters themselves.

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    • Letters to Editor

      We’re waiting to hear from you! Do you have a comment about a particular article or column? We’re always interested in hearing what you have to say. Submit your letters today!

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    • New Certified Members

      Congratulations! The following members have successfully passed ATA’s certification exam!

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