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An Ending and a Beginning; Association Health Plans Update; International Translation Day; Denise Fisher Wins School Outreach Contest; What We Call Ourselves Matters; and Thoughts on Naver Papago.

  • An Ending and a Beginning

    From the President

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  • Association Health Plans Update

    From the Executive Director

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  • ATA Celebrates International Translation Day with “A Day in the Life of a Translator or Interpreter”

    Outreach Report

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  • Denise Fisher Wins 2018–2019 School Outreach Contest

    Outreach Report 2

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  • What We Call Ourselves Matters

    Interpreters Forum

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  • Thoughts on Naver Papago with MT Engineer Lucy Park

    Resource Review

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  • Language Advocacy Day 2020

    Organized by the Joint National Committee for Languages, Language Advocacy Day is part “lobby-day” and part full-day policy forum that brings together national representatives of the Language Enterprise concerned about the state of language learning in this county.

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  • Thanking Longtime ATA Members

    We want to say a special thank you to those members who have supported ATA for 25 or more years!

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  • Get Your Business Ready for 2020 with CalPro!

    Do you know what would happen to your business if you lowered your costs? worked more hours? changed your rates?ATA can help. CalPro, the ultimate business analysis spreadsheet, developed by translators for translators, is available for free on our website.

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